November Project Morning Brain

This morning we ran 3-5-7  front hills, ended with real-life-frogger, and wished Scott Yellow a happy wedding day. His soon-to-be wife didn’t show up. The following blog isn’t about any of that…
“BEEP BEEP BLAMP BEEP BEEP BLAMP,” the alarm goes off for the first time in the morning. If you’re like me, you jump right out of bed the first time you hear it.* It’s time to start your day “the NP way” the best way I know how.

You stand up and walk to the bathroom, or the kitchen, or the living room, or just straight outside in your underwear–it doesn’t really matter as long as you put some distance between yourself and your bed.

Thoughts start flying through your head–

“What am I doing awake this early?”

“Why did I have so much to drink last night?”

“Is that pizza cheese in my hair?”

And that’s when it happens–November Project Morning Brain. Alarms at 4:30/5:30am aren’t normal, and having them multiple times/week is just insane right?!  My Morning Brain** always tries to figure out exactly what you were thinking when you thought this would be a good idea…

“Why do we do this to ourselves?” it asks without a hint of sarcasm. You tell it “Pipe down! I’m tryin to do my morning ‘business’ here.” You know all you need to do is finish taking your talents to South Beach, get dressed, and get out the door before Morning Brain gets its way.

Morning Brain is dumb–it telling you all these stupid things like,
“You need to sleep more.”
“It’s cold as balls out there!”
“You have a busy day today!!”

What Morning Brain doesn’t know is how it’s going to feel in a few hours if you ignore it. So you argue for a bit, “I got plenty of sleep, MB. I’ve got warm clothes. My day isn’t so bad. We do this all the time!” So, you override your MB and drag yourself out the door to NP.

You get there, and immediately start seeing people you recognize. MB says “Hey, I know those people. I like those people, this is kinda ok. I’m still tired AF though.” Then the hugs start. MB reluctantly allows you to hug a handful of people. “Fine,” it says. Then comes the the bounce… MB says “WOAH! HOLD UP HERE! Stop bouncing me in your skull! You drank way too much for this bullshit.”

SILENCE! This is the best part!” you shout back.



MB is like “Dude. That was suuuper loud–but I’m starting to understand why you pulled me out of bed for this…”

Running starts. MB does not like this, but just like you’ve done all morning you tell it to shut it and just let it ride. A mile in (or 10 sections in) MB starts to get hit with some o’ those tasty endorphins–“OOH! I like this.” That’s when the “told you so”s start droppin. “Stupid Morning Brain doesn’t know what’s best for me.” You continue your workout, MB’s attitude is on the rise, and then you hear “4, 3, 2!, 1!, annnnnnnd TIIIIIIIME!!” You did it. You finished the workout. Morning Brain has been convinced. At this point it’s glad you dragged it out of bed and came to NP. It’s flying high, you got a workout, some hugs, and a damn good time.

At this point you’re probably thinking, “Wow, Chris might have multiple personality disorder… Do I need to talk to someone about this?” The answer is probably yes, but the point I’m making is simple. Don’t let Morning Brain win. Eventually you’ll convince it what the best way to start your day is, and the more often you do it, the easier it is to silence MB when it rears its ugly head at 430am. We’ll continue the battle against Morning Brain this coming Monday, when we rise and grind our way to The Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum.

Much Love,
– C. Payne



*Or sometimes Britto nudges you and is like “Dude. Your alarm has been going off for 10 minutes.”

**Trademarked. It’s also the shittier version of My Morning Jacket.

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