November Project is a Team Sport (BOS)

I’m about to drop some serious knowledge on your ass… Ready?? Here it goes… November Project is a team sport! And before you say: “You silly Serbian fellow, it’s obvious that your English language proficiency limitations are preventing you from understanding the difference between the sport and training”, I’m going to stop you and drop even more knowledge – courtesy of Encyclopædia Brittanica. As the part of 28 volumes of the good book you may find many interesting things ranging from insectivorous plants to a Dutch dancer and a spy, Margaretha Geertruida MacLeod a.k.a. Mata Hari. Britannica says that “Sports can be defined as autotelic (played for their own sake) physical contests”.

Let’s break that down a little. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, when that alarm goes off, you get up, strap some running shoes on, and go to meet with your fellow workerouters. First time you came to NP was because someone brought you (directly or indirectly), recruited you, asked you out on a date, or bothered the crap out of you for over a year and you finally caved in. You may say that you keep coming for that person, but in reality you’re doing it for yourself because you wanted to try something new, change something about yourself, or meet new people. So you’re engaging in an activity that’s for your own sake. Autotelic – check.

But what about physical contest part? Some of you more competitive types that like to share your accomplishments and see how you stack up agains others are ether using a tracker, or keeping a journal, or posting your results through social media, this is a no brainer. You’re comparing your results against your peers, you cherish your accomplishments, and you use your shortcomings as a fuel to do better next time. But what about those that are there just to keep moving. Those that don’t ever bring the watch or count the number of reps. Well, I would argue that those are the most competitive people within the tribe. They say that they don’t want to see their name on the scoreboard as they don’t want to be judged based on their performance but secretly they know exactly how many sections they completed this week so they can do one more next week. And even though they’re not stacking their accomplishment agains the scoreboard, the race of ME agains MYSELF is one of the most competitive ones. Physical contest – check.

“Alright, you persuaded me on the sport part, how you gonna explain the team part!?”

Have you ever car pooled to the stadium? Have you ever jump in with an organized group of runners going to #DestinationDeck so you don’t have to run across town all by yourself? Did you ever run faster because someone was cheering you on so passionately that you forgot just for a split second what lactic acid is? Did your spouse/significant other ever entertain kids with plastic snakes and rubber lizards just so you can finish your first full tour? Those were the members of your tribe, your family, your community, that will always celebrate when you’re up, and pick you up when you’re feeling down. They will be your biggest fan and your most honest critic. The will share your laughs and wipe away your tears. They will always be on your team.

November Project is a team sport! [drops the mic and walks away from the stage]


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2 Replies to “November Project is a Team Sport (BOS)”

  1. Bojan – Great post! Yes, NP is a team sport!

    And thank you also for your words of encouragement when you found me at the top of section 19 with 7 minutes to till the end of the workout. I got in one more section of climbing after you left. 

  2. YES! A team that cheers everyone on and includes everyone and even watches one’s children. No one I’d want on my team more than all of NP.

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