November in January – Meet Julia (SD)

November Project,

Meet Julia. Julia is an amazing yoga instructor, living in San Diego for about the past year. I had the privilege of seeing Julia tell her story at a lululemon event called San Diego Speaks. So resilient and strong, that’s what I thought of this woman.

A few weeks ago she showed up to the Wednesday stairs and we had the awkward moment of introduction, considering I already knew a lot about her history.

She’s continued coming. And she is that strong woman I thought of her.

So San Diego, meet Julia.



While I have no statistical evidence to back up the following statement, I am most certain there are few success stories that begin with, “I did it all myself.” The adage, “it takes a village to raise an idiot”, is relevant at all stage of our lives. We are a product of our environment, mainly our community.


A couple of weeks ago, I was working in the lobby of my yoga studio and I found my way into a conversation with the co-founder of the November Project, his wife, and friends. Prior to meeting Brogan, I had never heard of the November Project. Brogan and his partner, Bojan, developed the concept as a way to stay motivated to workout outdoors during cold Boston winters.The duo simply gathered a group of people, for free, and led challenging workouts accessible to everybody.


A few years later, the November Project has spread across four North American timezones; and in San Diego, three powerhouse ladies lead the pack each week. Their commitment and presence at 6:29AM is both infectious and inspiring.


It is the energy and camaraderie of the participants that keeps me coming back. The fact that the workout is free pales in comparison to the rest of November Project’s offerings. Each workout starts off with a “F*ck Yeah” and a few hugs and high fives and throughout the 30 minutes of heart pounding activity, you’re receiving constant encouragement and motivation from your fellow NPers. Participating in the November Project this past month has demonstrated the power of community. We truly are the company we keep and as I surround myself with motivated people,I,too,feel motivated to wake up at 5:40AM (voluntarily) to do something to take care of ME!


Outside of the November Project, I recently have become aware of how my behavior impacts my community. Making positive, empowered choices not only supports my highest self, it also elevates everyone I encounter, daily. At times, I am unaware of the way in which my behaviors impact others and as I surround myself with positive people, I am provided the encouragement to act as my highest self with utmost integrity.


Alone, I would not work half as hard as I do in the presence of other NP participants. Nobody goes soft at the November Project and experiencing that phenomena has proved the importance of building strong communities. You are who you’re with, chose wisely.

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