Notes (LAX)

A few notes from this morning’s workout…

Correction: Eldred St. is actually the steepest in LA.

Note: Probably not the best street to run after heavy ran fall.

Thought: Some of you looked pretty funny Scooby dooing your way with that slick floor.

Second Thought: Some of you looked supremely badass crushing it up those stairs.

Caution: The stairs are slippery when wet. And with the mass amount of sweat dripping off y’all we’re talking a slip n’ slide.

Beware: A troll lives under the second stair case by the pepper tree!

Take Heed: When you reach the top don’t buy the lemonade from the girl scouts. They’ve spiked that shit and want your left kidney. Girl scout cookie profits are dwindling and they need to find another market.

P.S. The Tribe is Killing It!

P.P.S Do Good LA!




Race Hard and Enjoy yourself!

Bring a friend to next Wednesday’s workout!

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