Not So Weatherproof

To be… or not to be weatherproof? That is the question.

VERBALS were dropped, but the whole following through part… that’s another story. I’ll tell you what though, the weather being crazy… that wasn’t a question. It was raining, AND snowing, AND the wind was a-whippin! Thats just gravy for us though because we EMBRACE those elements, well, most of us…

Ahhh Stulpin Stulpin Stulpin! A proud descendant of Russian ancestry- Were they from the tropical part of the country?  Because I surely would have guessed this morning would have been right up your alley and made you want to “vyprygnut iz shtanov!” Those years of rowing in the cold at Penn have really toughened you… but maybe studying Emergency Medicine has made you a little… delicate? (we know it has turned Dr. Brett softer than a jar of Mississippi molasses). Maybe you got out of bed but happened to run by a dog park and get distracted? We know how those 4 legged friends have a special place in your heart. The weather wasn’t great, and sometimes a warm bed on a cold day like today is too hard to pass up, and we understand that. But just so you know, we missed you!

Was it worth it, Anwar? You know… that extra sleep. Figured you were a sure bet today coming off that “leading a bounce” high. Did you decide to retire after Wednesday? Did you want to leave on top? Did you dance so hard you had to stay in bed? Were you busy at City Fitness doing curls in the squat rack? There are so many questions here, but we certainly missed you this morning, ain’t no question about that.

Of all people to bail on a (Juice) verbal, we never thought we would see Jess Wayashe go down like this. She’s definitely weatherproof – but maybe only for running hundreds of miles across an entire country in the Caribbean, and not for an hour-long workout in the cold. Her nickname may be Wasabi, but if you can’t take the heat (or the rain, or the snow), stay out of the kitchen! We missed you, Jess!

Anne, I’m not sure whether to be more disappointed that you verbaled a pumpkin spice latte (juice) or that you didn’t show up today. Last I saw on your Instagram story, you were curled up on the couch with some comfy socks. You must have had a change of heart. Did the snow day get to you? Was it oh I don’t know…happy hour? These are just guesses. Who knows, right? Speaking of guesses, guess what? Did you know that Black Magic is way better than PSL for hangovers? The more you know! I’m sure you guessed this, but we missed you today!

Matti P – this morning, that “P” could have stood for push-ups, but instead it was for pajamas. We know, we know, you’re running a few miles on Sunday. You even asked about going to the expo! But apparently all thoughts of running were replaced with sugar plums while you caught some extra Z’s. Your bed may have felt cozy this morning, but Race Street Pier and the Juice that was so lovingly delivered for you were calling your name… only you didn’t answer. We’ll still wish you luck on your race, but not before we tell you that WE MISSED YOU today!

Roucheau-no! Is probably the sound you made when you realized you slept through your alarm this morning. Were you at another 80’s party last night? Did you accidentally have too much snow-day vino?What we find fascinating is that you can climb Mt Kilimanjaro but can’t climb out of bed. Well, whatever happened, the tribe and the Juice you left behind missed you.

Stulpin, Anwar, Jess, Anne, Matti and Britt- this morning just wasn’t the same without you… WE MISSED YOU.

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One Reply to “Not So Weatherproof”

  1. You have to be kidding me – this is hilarious!! …And agreed, I definitely dropped the ball this morning (no bueno).
    BTW, Mr. John Combs is talented writer…

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