Not So Good, Man (DCA & BOS & DEN)

Picture one of your most positive members. Consistent. Motivated. Hard-working. Always ready for a challenge. Actually, this sounds more like a cover letter. Not important. What is important? Verbals. We take them seriously. What do we take more seriously than verbals? TRAVERBALS.


I met Lauren back in my Boston tribe days. She’s somewhat (less now due to the current circumstances) badass so naturally, I was slightly pumped that she would honor us with a stop along her road trip out west. To be honest, traveling to a new city is tough. You don’t know the roads or how long it takes to get places. It’s like trying that first pull-up.


Luckily, the inventions of smartphones with alarms and gps allows for an easier go at things. Unfortunately, they only work if you use them. In the past, we’ve seen people take buses in the wee hours of the morning and still make it to workouts. People go straight from airports to workout locations, luggage and all. When you have 6.5 hours between your arrival and workout start time, it shouldn’t be hard. Sadly, this traverbal and hearts all over DC were broken today by a positive, hardcore, Boston/not-yet-Denver tribe member. And for that, Lauren Goodman, we just have a few things to say:


We’re not mad.

We’re just disappointed.


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