Not a Recap (YEG)

I’m so excited about tomorrow, I’m going to skip recapping today. How many exciting things can we have before the end of the month? Also, can we please get to 200 people this Wednesday? I figure if I ask nicely, it will happen. If everyone brought ONE person this Wednseday, we would get there. Mention it to the people at your lunch table, that cute girl in front of you at the coffee shop, that guy you meet on the dance floor tonight, someone you know who really just needs a hug… you get the idea. The quest for #3014 is alive and well.

It’s getting colder. What in the world are you going to do? How are people going to give you hugs? Do people even run in the winter? I’d rather run inside. Studies have shown that running in winter is better than not running in winter. Studies have also shown that 103% of people who show up to November Project have great mornings. I’m not a big research guy, but if the literature says so, then we gotta keep doing it. So, we’ve come up with this handy guide so you know what to wear as the mercury drops and eventually freezes. If you still have questions, feel free to ask us at the next workout.

For those coming to our fall social tomorrow, Race the Maze, make sure you bring an illuminating device, and a selfie device. You will have lots of time to meet your other tribe members throughout the evening and you can share stories around the campfire once you are done.

Cheese Louise is going to be combined with Yearbook Photos on October 29th. The Americans are doing it on November 5th, but with the whole month/day conversion from US calendar to Canadian calendar, it turns out that we had to do it on October 29th. Back on track here, but if you show up that morning, not only will you have the best morning of your life, you’ll also get a kickass photo of yourself to spread on the interweb.

Circle Month continues at THIS traffic circle. 6am.

If you clicked all the links here, congratulations. They are all equally important.

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