Nomads and Minnows (DEN)

Nomads and Minnows

Right now you’re saying, “Nomads?”  Wtf, Woody.  We were fucking sharks, dude.  Sharks and minnows, man.  Nomads don’t give a shit about baby fish!

I know.  Follow me for a minute.

This morning was extra solid.  Solid in a way that just makes you feel good about what this thing is and where it’s going.  West, maybe.  I hear there’s gold in them thar hills!  Except YOU’RE the gold, and you’re here, not there, wherever that is.  Still following?

Never before has the 5280 tribe resembled the Mile High City more than it has this summer.  The crops of newbies seem to come in bushels, with traverbalers at nearly every single workout.  Get to know a few of the tribe and you’ll find out that most of us aren’t from here.  Sure, there are a few proud pioneers, but for the most part we’re from all over.  Denver has a long history of being a city of transplants.  Once a sleepy cow town at the base of the Rockies, a waypoint on the trek west for land, gold, prosperity, and perhaps a nice, young Christian woman or man, Denver has become an oasis of the west for people who like our mountains, beer, and good ass vibes.  Nomads.

Along with Denver, the tribe has grown.  And as the tribe continues to grow and spend time together we learn each other’s stories – where we came from, what makes us tick, what food we like, how many times per day we poop (I’m 2-4 depending on my fiber intake).

The NP5280 tribe is like a group of nomads who have managed to find each other in a river full of minnows, one seemingly identical to the next, rolling with the current.  The miracle of this group is that no matter where we’ve come from, we all believe in the same things – community, positivity, looking out for your fellow man, letting our freak flags fly, and free fitness.  That’s what makes this group of nomads so great.  In a world that increasingly values screen time and busy-ness, we have found our way to each other to slow down from our lives running amok to engage in some old-fashioned face-to-face contact and conversation that won’t end in emojis.

My challenge for you this weekend is to engage with a stranger, ask them about themselves, and leave them better than you found them.


Nomads and minnows.  Sure.


Don’t lose that vibe.  Don’t fake that funk.

Major Wood


Wednesday: PR Day, Civic Center Amphitheater.  Bring a friend/stranger!

Friday: Social event, details to come!

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