No wrong way to #justshowup (DCA)

If you didn’t #justshowup this morning you missed PUPPIES. Pups who work out for free, pups who got out of bed, pups who wanted to see their friend pups, pups who earned their kibble and crushed their Monday. You missed pups that are probably curled up in a little puppy naps somewhere. That’s all there is about puppies. If you want to stop reading, I get it.

So, this morning leaving Meridian Hill, I had every intent of writing about how I had my favorite kind of November Project workout this morning — one where I ran each hill with or around a different person every time — and it seemed like every person I ran with was ready to push and beat me on whatever hill we were running. I wouldn’t call myself not competitive, and that not-not competitive side could have made this feel one of two (probably more) ways. It could have felt frustrating like, “HEY man, I JUST raced the last hill, I don’t know what you were doing on the last hill and now you’re making me race this one AGAIN.” OR it could have felt like each hill was the start of a totally new (granted a little more tiring) workout. For me, today (and isn’t always so), it was option B. Option B rocked. It made the workout feel fresh. It made the workout feel really fucking hard. And that’s a pretty great combo.

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BUT then I got home and looked back through the pictures of todays workout and saw that there were people who were out on the hill, doing every workout imaginable. There were other people racing it out against the person next to them.  There were people CRUSHING that hill solo and having just as much fun. There were people running with their sisters, meeting someone from the first time and everything in between. There is really, actually no wrong way to #justshowup. You’re up, you’re off your butt and you’re MOVING.


KEEP pushing the people next to you, pushing them to show up and pushing them up the hill. This is a community that works hard for each other.


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