No Rest for the Best (YYZ)

This morning’s workout called on everyone to bring their A game (as they always should anyway…). It was the practice you could appropriately call the “Half Hour of Power.” Simply a case of, No Guts = No Glory. The test was on and you could see it in the eyes of everyone as it sunk in exactly what was being asked of them. Did NP YYZ rise to the challenge? Fuck Yeah!

Stairs met Hill and Hill met Stairs. Oh and who could leave out the exercises in between? Not a complicated work out but hella demanding (yes, I lived in Oakland for 6 months so I can use that word). Down the stairs and up the hill, 15 push ups 15 sit ups, down the hill and up the stairs, 15 jumping lunges 15 burpees, REPEAT. As many times as you can. Muahahahahaha! You love it. It burns and you want to vomit but you LOVE IT!


Francis is desperate for more air and his lungs are burning but he keeps pushing!
Francis is desperate for more air and his lungs are burning but he keeps pushing!

Not a workout for sissies but the NP_YYZ tribe proved today that not a single sissy is among us. Everyone laid down a solid effort and if you didn’t sweat it didn’t happen. Thankfully everyone was sweating but as commented by a frequent passerby many were smiling 🙂



He happened to walk by while I was cheering on the tribe reaching the top of the hill and said, “You guys have a really awesome energy going on here. Really, everyone is smiling. I notice it more and more each week. It’s really cool. Keep it up!” And that, ladies and gentlemen, made my day.

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