No Red Noses (YEG)

It was so warm this morning that our envisioned advent group photo of all of you looking like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer turned into a photo of all of you looking like plain old reindeer…good looking ones though!

Good job today running up and down the Royal Glenora stairs and sliding through to deliver Constable Faraone his high 5!

Congratulations to Chris will be chaperoning the #positivityaward for its maiden voyage over the Pacific. Thank you Chris for inspiring and encouraging so many tribe members to challenge their perceived limits and tackle the intimidating and oh so rewarding marathon. For all of the tribe members heading to Honolulu for the marathon enjoy every kilometre! Way to represent NP CANADA!!

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Friday 6 AM Emily Murphy Hill #hillsforbreakfast Drop your verbal here

Saturday 5 PM NP Christmas Party #info here

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