No Parents! (SF)

You know when your parents used to go away when you were little, even if just for a few hours, and you had the reign of the house? That’s how I felt this morning. And I decided to have a party. Either that or I was invited to the party–very unclear. Regardless, we jammed this morning. We fulfilled our quarterly quota of going to one place every 3 months that we’re allowed to be loud. Make sure corporate knows we can be loud, Laura.

The tribe was still high off Jason “The Ironman” Levy’s workout on Wednesday. Or maybe they were just high. The sun rose and illuminated everyone’s beautiful faces. The trail gleamed. Pablo celebrated by clapping. Clap pushups that is. What a stud.


2016-04-15 06.44.10

All in all, this morning was pretty fucking great. I’m writing this as I’m about to go to sleep and I still feel good. Thank you all for showing up and making days like today so epic. I know for me, bouncing around, sweating, hugging, and pumping each other up carries me through the day. Hope it was the same for you. Have a great weekend.

Crush it in Boston everyone!

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