No more “Woos” (DEN)

Yes snoozers and pillow huggers, the rumors are true. Today marked the end of “wooing” on the Little Man Ice-cream hill. As Friday regulars know, when hills are on the NP breakfast menu, Little Man is the go to spot. As any regular knows, we like to make a little noise to get things going in the morning. This morning was no different. Well maybe it was a little different, because this morning we were loud as F*ck. How loud? Loud enough to warrant our FIRST visit from the police. Yes, it was fun while it lasted but as the police were very polite and understanding of us, we ask tribe to return the favor and bring your murder whispers to the hill from now until the end of the world. As much as we want the world to know we are a bunch of crazy yahoos making planet earth a happier, fitter place, we also want them to know we are respectful humans. So, today we say goodbye to the “woo” during Friday hills. I know you feel confused and lost right now, so we are offering you some alternative expressions of encouragement to try, such as “nice work”, “fuck yea”, “go get em killer” and “yahoo”. But remember, please whisper.

PARTY ANNOUNCEMENTS (don’t stop here! These are important!)

Our 1 year birthday is NEXT WEEK (10/22). But just to keep everyone on their toes, we will be running for PRs next week and CELEBRATING in TWO WEEKS (10/29).  This date will be HUGE both in spirit, positivity, fun and PEOPLE. Let’s make the push and recruit, recruit, recruit for a big showing to celebrate our birthday. Can we get 100 bodies? Can be break 100 bodies? This is the time to pull old faces out of the woodworks, finally bring that recruit you’ve been nagging for 11 months, and show up for a damn good time.  The theme will drop before the next workout!

But wait! It’s not just Denver, DC and SD that get to celebrate their 1st birthday. On 11/1, November Project turns 3! We will be celebrating NPs 3rd year on 11/5 with birthday yearbook photos along with our 15 favorite cities. The orders from Boston are in: #3014 by 11/5?? Let’s do this Denver.

Finally, we want to wish the best of luck to all of those bad asses running in the Denver RnR events this weekend!!! If you’re not running, please cheer your butt off for you fellow tribesmates, head to the Civic Center to watch them finish, and stay tuned to hear where the after party takes place!

Happy opening weekend A-Basin!

Xoxo General

WED 6:15A (5:30 Early Group): Civic Center Amphitheater. We race PR CLOVERS for 35-minutes.

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