No Bullshit Workout (BOS)

There are few no-bullshit-result workouts that I really enjoy. Before I list them all I’ll explain what a no-bullshit-result workout is. It is the workout that you can’t fake your performance or a result by using your athletic background. Stick with me here for a second…

My athletic background is rowing. If I was to walk into any crossfit gym, or the box as the folks in the industry call them, and challenge their strongest guy or a gal (without rowing experience) to a 2000m challenge on a rowing machine, I’m confident that I would win in over 95% of cases. And yes, I am taking into consideration the fact that the last time I rowed was two years ago. So why am I so confident (cocky)? Because I know how to row efficiently. I did it for half of my life and the movement is so engraved in my muscle memory that even though I haven’t done it in so long I would still beat folks that may be in better shape that I am. I call that a bullshit result.

Bullshit result doesn’t paint the real image as it gives people advantage based on their athletic background. It’s like trying to debate who’s the best athlete of all times. It’s impossible to say. Michael Jordan back in his day was THE MAN on the basketball court. He tried to play baseball and sucked big time. If he tried to get on the bike and climb some serious mountains he would fail miserably. You can’t compare apples and oranges, unless you’re comparing which you like better. But then you’re forming a subjective opinion. I’m going off tangent here…

You’re probably wondering what are the no-bullshit-result workouts. Those are the workouts where the playing field is so leveled that folks from ALL athletic backgrounds and fitness levels will be humbled. Best example: running stadium steps. You may be a marathoner, a sprinter, a cyclist, a weigh lifter… you will suffer the same unless you’re using stair running in your training.

Anther example of a no-bullshit-result workout? Sebastians. You may be really good at doing pushups, or can do a perfect plank for hours, but unless you can do it all mixed in with jumps, as a burpee, over the period of 7 minutes, you will suffer. You may have a great stamina, strong legs, and can run and ride for hours, but if your upper body gets tired after trying to peel yourself off the ground over and over, you will suffer. The point is, to do well at Sebastians you have to be a solid all around athlete.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with using your background as an advantage. I’m just a big fan of reminding myself that there are still a lot of things that I need to work on. Take this morning for instance… After trying to keep up with Emily and Adrienne during 7 minutes of burpees, I realized that I have quite a few things to work on to improve my no-bullshit fitness. I also realized that hustling people on the rowing machine in the crossfit gyms is not okay. You live and you learn.

On Wednesday bring a backpack filled with things.

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