Ninja City (DCA)

What a nice quiet morning. Admire the beautiful butterfly. Whoosh. That was a nice breeze. Oh wait. That was a NINJA. That’s what we want to hear from the wonderful neighbors of Meridian Hill Park. Not only are we creating the best asses in DC through killer workouts and properly-executed, hips-in hugs, we’ve added a new goal onto our list of training. We will now be introducing ninja training in the great District of Columbia.

Out of respect for the community, on Mondays we are turning down the volume and turning up the intensity until 7AM. This includes the time leading up to the bounce. We know that Monday mornings are your favorite and we are all super excited to see each other after the weekend, but be excited in murder whispers. In the same way that we clean up after ourselves, they’ll never know we were there because you are all so quiet.

Weekend recap: Plenty went down (including RGIII…too soon?). People raced in multiple cities, the tribes gathered in Madison, WI, and WORLD TAKEOVER is real.


Get BIG on Wednesday. Fall weather is here. 5:30/6:30AM #JustShowUp.

If you read this far, comment on the Facebook album or tweet “I solemnly swear to be a silent ninja”.



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