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Today’s blog post brought to you by a world traveler and all around good guy. If you don’t know him, you’ll have to wait six weeks until you get to see him again because he leaves for Africa (not west…stay away Ebola) this weekend. Make sure to read the announcements at the bottom. Your boy, Keith:

Today was weird.  I haven’t been so uncomfortable at a workout since my first one where I jogged up to Lincoln and a girl jumped out of nowhere, handed me a tennis ball, and yelled, “Hi! My name is Samantha, do you want to do some burpies with me?” One month later I had a lot of new friends; 3 months later I had a new family.  
So yeah, today was weird. I was in the middle of the circle yelling “Ya’ll Good?” – when I’m much more comfortable being on the outside of the circle screaming “Fuck YEAH!” However, that is what November Project is about. We are out there pushing our personal limits making it weird: hugging tighter, running farther, sprinting faster, wearing shorter shorts or brighter tights, growing a community and somehow ourselves. 
Today I wanted to Race! So we split into teams (Grey vs. Blue in recognition of 148 of restored civil peace), and raced each other through the numbers: 8/20/2014… 8 Lincoln logs, 20 Burpies, and a 2014 ft sprint around our favorite memorial. One catch, teammates could leverage their strengths to help out each other out. Bad morning, sprained wrist, or just not as fast… call in “reinforcements” and another NPer could take a lap in your place.  By sharing the load everyone sweated; everyone was pushed passed their comfort zone.
We restored the Union with high-five tunnels and a new exercise (A happy hour inspired hip-hopping maneuver *no dancing abilities required). We even reached across the Mason-Dixon line for a few Fuck Yeah High Fives! 
Homework: Remember to stay weird the rest of the day. Push your limits; your comfort zone.  We start our mornings, three days a week, by pushing out bodies to the limit.  After you shower (always encouraged), change, and head to home/school/work – that shouldn’t stop.  Race it out all day – push it at work, find adventure in the afternoon, and go a little deeper with the people you care 
 about. Call someone from the tribe just to say hello and see how life is going. Put yourself in the spotlight for moment, and take on something new.  If it’s not uncomfortable, you’re probably not getting stronger.
Fuck Yeah,


We certainly enjoy social events and getting fit together. We can also enjoy giving back to our community and making our city better. If you want to know more info about Hands On DC, check them out here (they have a fun run/happy hour coming up) or feel free to email either Noli ( or Chris (
NEXT WEDNESDAY: PR WEEK. Make sure you have a timekeeping device. Every month you now have the chance to win free sweetgreen s
alad if you run a PR (personal record).
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