New Year, Same You (LAX)

With the coming of the year 2016, we’re officially entering resolution season. “I’m gonna get better at x, y, AND z this year”, you tell yourself. Sometimes there are lists, often there are goals, and yet at the end of 2015 we’re all celebrating a new year, and a hopefully new you.


This year, my goal is simple: I want to end 2016, look to the year to come, and proclaim “New Year, Same Me.” Form a good habit that you know will continue to benefit your well being for the year and beyond. Pledge to get in shape, re-connect with more friends, or to not let the top fly off when something is a little wrong… it doesn’t matter. What matters is looking hard at what you want from yourself and having the accountability to address it.


All it takes is showing up.



Charity Miles – The competition is ON. We are officially battling #NP_NYC for bragging rights in the battle of most miles in a month, so get that CHARITY MILES app downloaded on your phone and start tracking!



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