New Places, New Faces, & Adventure Each Week (BOSTON)

For those of you who made your way to the Destination Deck this morning, you’ll understand this post more than most. Adventure doesn’t only happen when you jump on planes and helicopters, to places where passports are stamped and currency is exchanged. In fact, exploring the city you live/work in is the point of our Monday workout here in Boston. LEARN A NEW SET OF STREETS as you open your week with us at November Project. It is that simple. Sure, most of you wouldn’t have made your way to Southie on your own at 6:29AM on a Monday to train on a pile of trash smack-dab between train stations and highway overpasses. But that is the beauty of the weirdness that only the core Monday folks get to enjoy.

How many people do you know who go to the same grocery store, take the same trains, see the same spots, and at the end of the week they’ve adventured 0%? This is what most people in most cities do in most weeks. Don’t be like all the rest, be your own adventure, and continue to discover this amazing place we call Boston, MA.

Nice work this morning. See you Wednesday at the stadium. Oh, and recruit someone new so that we can hit our goal here in Boston… Both Bojan and I are training hard with the growing 5:30AM group. Join us or the usual suspects at 6:30AM. The tribe is taking over the planet earth… the tribe is strong.


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