New People on Cold Days (YEG)


I can’t remember how many layers I need for this weather.

The first version of this didn’t save so I started over.

Quite a few Cold Weather Personal Bests this morning. #CWPB

I was surprised to see certain people show up in this weather. When I saw them this morning, it blew my mind away.

I’m not sure why I under estimated them.

I should

New people on cold days are one of my favourite things.

Gathering for the group photo quickly is respectful to those who are already at the bottom. We love the effort, but bring a stronger effort and conquer that last hill next week.

I may or may not have helped someone steal a car this morning.

Using the key to get into a car is harder than I remember.

I have to dog sit this weekend. This is not going to go well.

Jen is an ass. principal and she’s great at it.

Tyler was born on this day. His maturity may never catch up to his birth certificate. We like it this way.

We love Katie and Steven for taking photos and making us all look badass.

Monday’s workout is here.


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One Reply to “New People on Cold Days (YEG)”

  1. I was very appreciative of November Project roadside assistance. Much faster than the hour it took AMA to arrive, but I’m not complaining. I’ve also left that key at home. See you Friday!

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