New Orleans, LA


By setting the record for the longest pledge period at the time (11 weeks) over three years ago, this community proves week in and week out that it is built on strength, perseverance, and determination. This first southern November Project location was created by Cameron, Preston, Will & Kate. Since the departure of the OG leaders and the era of BoogaLou, NP NOLA has been taken over by the Fantastic Three (?) Glenn, Joseph and Mia as co-leaders.

We are ecstatic to be able to provide the FREE fitness movement to the fine city of New Orleans.

Check out the blog HERE.


EVERY WEDNESDAY, join us at Champions Square at 6:00AM.

& EVERY FRIDAY, join us at the New Orleans Museum of Art (NOMA) in City Park at 6:00AM.

Connect with NP – New Orleans via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


14 Replies to “New Orleans, LA”

  1. Hi, I heard that you have a 5:15am workout on Wednesdays. I don’t see this on the website so I just wanted to double check and see if that is true. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sarah! You are correct and our website has been updated. We hope to see you out at Champions Square soon! -Mia

    1. Hi, Antigone – we actually don’t have a Thursday group. All workouts finish by 6:50 on MWF. As far as equipment, all you need is your body & water (not required, but highly recommended with the NOLA heat). Let us know if you have any other questions! -Mia

  2. Hi, is your workout chubby, fairly out of shape friendly or are geared more towards the fit runner type. I am looking for the accountability of a group

    1. It’s all of those things. The leaders ask that you do what you can on any given day. There are great athletes and folks that just got off the couch. It can be a tough workout and over time you’ll get stronger and do more. It’s FREE. So come check it out!

  3. Is this a boot camp style workout with circuit training running a trail or a blend, or something totally different?! 😀

    1. Hi, Heather! It is a mix of all of the above. We are not a running club, but we do run some. We like to mix it up – some days are more cardio heavy than others, but we best describe it as HIIT mixed with Circuit training.

  4. The indication on this site is that the Monday workout is rotated. Where will the Monday August 20 workout take place. I am new to your program.

    1. Apologies for missing your message – we always share information about our location on our Facebook and Instagram the day before the Monday workout! Make sure to follow us there.

  5. Good Afternoon, I was walking through Champion Square and seen this beautiful sea of people working out. Is there some type of registration needed?

  6. Just wondering if y’all will be out the week of july 4th? If so, when and where?
    Also will there be a paramedic on site just in case? (Just kidding 🤣)

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