New Location, Old Town (SD)

Here’s the thing. Some workouts are fun, goofy, smiley adventures filled with glossy photos of you all looking radiant. And some workouts are a grind, grimy, tough, and maybe only your memories or  a photo or two to prove you were there.

Today was that second type of workout. We took to Old Town to get down on Juan Street hill.

A little history for you: the first settlement on the West Coast was the San Diego Presidio (now what is Presidio Park…we’ll be getting acquainted in a few months) in 1769. The Presidio is on the top of a bluff, which made for great defensive opportunities, but as the need for defense decreased in the 1820s the settlers of San Diego chose to live at the bottom of the hill, in what is now Old Town. Fast forward to present day, and it’s sort of like Old West meets Mexican history meets Disneyland.

A warm up, 30 minutes on the hill, and an epic wheelbarrow race later and you found yourselves sweating and smiling in the middle of the Victorian Houses at Heritage Park. Wait, what? Victorian houses in Old Town? Yup. These houses were all built in the late 1800s in San Diego and have been moved to this location to preserve the era of Victorian architecture. I feel like we should have all stayed for tea after the workout.

There you have it: fitness and history, all by 9AM. Who says you can’t learn anything new at November Project?

Be happy, be strong, be bright San Diego.

Hear here!

– Last #MayhemMonday of May: Memorial Day, Hill Street at Sunset Cliffs, red/white/blue attire recommended. Map of location is here

– Charity Miles: keep on racking up those miles! Remember the top male and top female in San Diego will be winning a TomTom GPS! And keep an eye out for the bike ride that is being organized!

– Wednesday: we’ll see you at the Bea Evenson fountain in Balboa Park again. The jungle was unreal last week. You do not want to miss this.


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