New Kids on the Block had a bunch of hits / Chinese food makes me sick (DEN)

In the happiness and revelry of all that occurred this morning, the only message that I need to relay to the world is that we are having happy hour tonite. Yes, Alli Bell, tonite. If the shorts, t-shirts, tank tops, & sunrise weren’t enough of an uplifter for you this morning, I’m sure a sweat-free social hour with your tribe will have you floating in the 3rd stratosphere. There are multiple stratosphere’s, right? Well there should be. Anyway, come hang, be social, act cool, wear sunglasses inside and recruit more racers for your upcoming 6K race on Feb 20th.  Enjoy the heat sans humidity today, see you later for some fun.



FRIDAY (2/6) 630P: HAPPY HOUR TONITE!!! LOW DOWN BREWERY + KITCHEN (800 Lincoln Street, Denver, CO) Happy Hour drinks & food last until 7PM.

WED 530/615A: Civic Center Park – Field Workout, it may blizzard so wear gloves. (14th & Broadway)

FRI 2/20: 6K RACE, cost: #FREE, location: TBD, time: 6:15AM. HYPE, rubber duckers!

Track your hillz.


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