NEW HILL: A Friday test location (#FirePhoneSprints)

Gals & Guys of November Project. Please read this carefully and spread the news as much as you can.

This Friday we are NOT going to be at our usual location on Summit Ave in Brookline. I repeat, we are NOT going to be on Summit Ave in Brookline.

This Friday, as a one-time test location, the November Project tribe will be meeting at the bottom of Parker Hill Ave on Huntington Ave. Please click here to see the map and spread the word any way you know how (Facebook, Twitter, , whatever).

See you Friday at the #TestLocation. We’ll meet at the bottom of the hill at the red #FirePhone – This is the start for each of the #FirePhoneSprints. MBTA Green Line “E” train to Mission Park is the best way to get there. Running to the test location by 6:30AM will get your body warm and ready to run. Running is also more reliable – Map it and see a new route in Boston. Your choice.

We usually train on this hill on Fridays.
We are testing out a new location on this hill for this Friday.
The #TestLocation hill is roughly 1/3 the length of our regular FRI hill but a steeper climb.
The Tribe Is Strong.

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4 Replies to “NEW HILL: A Friday test location (#FirePhoneSprints)”

  1. The biggest difference I noticed between Parker Hill Ave and Summit Ave is the temperature. I’m all for cool air during a workout, but Parker Hill Ave is ass-falls-off cold. I’m willing to wait it out, though, to see if it gets better.

    Mentally, Parker Hill is delicious. The top is in front of your nose the whole way, encouraging you to take off hard, and then stomping on your face 1/2 way up with a steep grade. Horribly wonderful.

    I’m all for mixing it up- longer, aerobic work on Summit Ave, shorter, vomit-inducing sprints at Parker.

  2. Parker Hill Ave kicks your ass. But it is a great workout because as much as it kicks your ass, it’s over quickly. It’s more of a true hills sprint work than Summit ave, which is more endurance. I think it’d be great to alternate the two or something like that (not biased due to the proximity to my apartment haha)

  3. Friday could almost become destination hills. Or maybe that would be Thursday. Or Tuesday. No rest for the weary. Summit is great because there are no parked cars, a park at the top, and it’s pretty much the longest hill in Boston (well, Bos/Camb/Brook/Som). Other accessible hill ideas:

    1. Summit path stairs. Just up Beacon Street. Could do a workout alternating hills and stairs. Half the distance, 3/4 the elevation, about 212 steps. (Run a loop down Summit, Short and Beacon to keep the stairs uphill only.)
    1a. Corey Hill back-and-forth. A variation on the regular hill: run over one side then down the other to the traffic light at Corey Road. Basically a longer, less steep climb and then a shorter, steeper. Pain.
    2. Beacon Hill, Pickney Street. 100 feet.
    3. Bunker Hill in Charlestown. Not where the monument is. 80 feet, steep. We should run this on Bunker Hill Day.
    4. Prospect Hill Somerville. 80 feet, stairs.
    5. Spring Hill, Somerville. 120 feet.
    6. Tufts. 100 feet.
    7. Trapelo Road. 120 feet.
    8. Aspinwall Hill, via stairs or roads, 150 feet.
    9. Fisher Hill, 150 feet. Fisher, Aspinwall and Corey are all within about a mile of each other. You could touch the tops of all three, twice, in a 5 mile run, with about 1000 feet of climb.
    10. Peters or Bussey Hills, Arboretum.
    11. Telegraph Hill, Southie. We should run this on Evacuation Day.

    And further afield (would need to coordinate rides; probably a more summer thing):

    12. Blue Hill via road (375 feet, 7/8 miles) or ski trail (1/3 mile)
    13. Waitts Mountain (Malden), 130 feet
    14. Black Rock (Fells), 180 feet, near Oak Grove
    15. Belmont Hill, 160 feet.
    16. Arlington Hill, 250 feet.
    17. Prospect Hill (Waltham), 250 feet.
    18. Heartbreak Hill from BC, 100 feet.
    19. Nobscot Hill, 340 feet.

    Now I’ve gotten carried away.

  4. I liked Parker Hill for a few reasons: 1- Joey and company have a house there and it was a good indication that you were almost finished with the uphill so you could push it a little more to get around the light pole.2- The distance is shorter so in 30 minutes I did 8 hills and was happy with a higher number. 3- I agree with Steve it is a good sprint workout- that was a good change up for my body.
    I like Summit Ave because it is an endurance work out. I love the Indiana Jones workouts because you get to get some sprinting in but it is manageable in a large group- you get up the hill before you know it. I love working hard up the hill and the longer recovery downhill.

    I think trading off Friday’s from one hill to the other would be great!

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