Never A Snow Day

Hugs-Bounce-pushup-squat-run-burpee-plank-run-repeat-SNOWBALL FIGHT. Easy summary of this mornings workout, though the workout was far from easy. You guys crushed a toughy. 10-1 descending ladders are NASTY. 100 reps + of each !! As for the snowball fight I believe it was me just running around like a little kid throwing snow in people’s faces, for that I apologize (sorta). But man I love the snow!! What I love more is seeing all your wonderful faces no matter the conditions !! These pics I think speak a 1000 words…a happy, good looking, fit as F crew !!!







Sherab and Raymond – downward dog or pushup??

Housekeeping details:
– If you missed it, NP summit is coming to Ontario !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Blue mountain to be exact, July 16th weekend. We will provide you more dets as its comes along but it is going to be EPIC !!!!!!!!!!! NP world watch out for the YYZ !! Also this is my hometown so I promise homemade baked goods from Momma Roest. Well worth the trip 😉

-DON’T FORGET, #NP_homework is due tonight at 1159pm. Dets in this link . All you need to know is that if you win you get a date night with Sam and I !!! (I know you are all RUSHING to do this right now, and I really like beer so please someone win)

-If you don’t have a buff, you need a buff. Message us

-My homework for the weekend, tagging! (apologizes Arden and Ben as I am doing this without Sam’s supervision)

– We like verbals. Remember to sign up for the tracker !


Have a happy rest of the week my lovelies !!!!

Lesson of the week: Tuck in your shirt when you are doing burpees in the snow, you will somehow get snow down your butt (you’re welcome)

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