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I went to a yoga class last night with NPs favorite yoga instructor and she opened class with a quote from one of the most American American’s that ever lived: Henry Ford. He said, “Whether you think you can or can’t– you’re right.”

I love that. It’s spot on. I think the applications for the mantra are all encompassing. Let’s get physical though- the body is capable of some pretty amazing things, and sometimes its hard to recognize that our most limiting factor can be our minds. I’ve been thinking a lot about how NP is just the right kind of therapy that allows the mind to think “I can”. I tell you all the time and I’ll tell you again, you’re stronger than you think you are. Maybe that last set of steps seems unsurmountable but its the high five from your neighboring tribe member or the internal racing thrill/threat of them running past you that pushes you to the top. Through NP, I’ve seen so many people up their miles, stretch their goals, and go back for more whether they reach them or fall short. We all have those days where goals seem impossible, or that there’s not enough time in the day, in the week to get done what we need to, or to change in meaningful ways. I think we’re all pretty lucky to have a group of inspiring individuals to surround ourselves with week in and week out to keep our thinking positive and empowering. Anyone that has been to NP has been a part of this. Whether or not you’re ready to take credit for it, you’re all part of the magic that has lifted someones day, made them train harder, made them challenge themselves or maybe even changed the course of their life. We had a newbie in the5:30 group. At the end, I said are you staying for the double? She said, no way I could barely do the first. I said, are you coming back? She said, hell yea now I’m determined as hell. Fuck Yea. So Again, I’ll leave you with that quote, “Whether you think you can or can’t– you’re right.”

Other things:

Next Wednesday is PR Clover Week. That means we’re in the Civic Center Amp at 5:30 and 6:15am. Love it or hate it, get ready to race it. Because you CAN. Namasteezy mother fuckers.

If you liked NP Yoga but don’t like paying for yoga, or would like to give back to the studio that donated us Sam for our morning flow at Lululemon, please head to The River Power Vinyasa between 10 and 4pm on Sunday. Give two hours of spring cleaning time and get 5 free classes to keep for yourself or give to a friend!

If you’re running in the Cherry Creak Sneak, stop by Lululemon Cherry creek at 10 or 1030 for some foam rolling action with our boy Stefan of November Project and Fitness in the City.





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