My First Blog Post for NPSD by Brogan Graham

Today I was allowed to drive the Ferrari. That’s right, my pals Lauren, Angie, and Ashleigh let me lead the tribe here in San Diego. In a month long theme of a tribute to Boston, I was the Monday theme.

We met at Tourmaline Surf Park and took charge of a large chunk of hill sprints, wall sits, and Cattle Tags in a workout we titled… Cattle Tags. At the end of the work we added a burnout called “Peace Fuckers.” Ironically this was taking place as many local surf humans yelled at us in an all too serious way.

We were looking for the last man standing in our burnout. We found that man. He was awarded a NP boot as his trophy.

Kindness homework was given and we left without taking a group photo. The city of SD kicked off the week with the perfect vibe because of the hard work and strong vibes by every single one of you reading this blog.

Thank YOU to the hardworking Co-Leaders for letting me lead this amazing group of smiles and insanity. I love this tribe and this city. Again, thank you.


Wednesday, make sure you wear red, white, & blue for Veterans Day. ALSO, make sure you bring $$$CASH$$$ for buffs.


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