My Favorite Things (a blog to be sung)

And ode to the RunSnowRun #DestinationDeck workout this morning and November Project in general.

Please sing with me.  To the tune of “My Favorite Things” from the Sound of Music. 

Spraypaint on t-shirts and new Grassroots Gear
Bright colored spandex and good friends so near
Free Fitness rewards for all it will bring
November Project’s my favorite thing

Burpees and hill sprints and air squats in snow.
Faster you go now your cheeks start to glow.
Working so hard that your lungs start to sing.
November Project’s my favorite thing

Birthday log-rollers may have cold snow rashes!?
Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes
#Weatherproof winters that melt into spring
November Project’s my favorite thing

When the snow falls
When it gets cold
When we need to move
We all #JustShowUp to November Project
And then we feel so badass.


We did 18 minutes of hard core snowy hill sprints with burpees and air squats on either side of the hills.  We finished with 2 min of all out snow burpees.  Track your score–how many laps did you do?

Birthday boys had a log roll race down the hill and I think they all won.

NP is fucking awesome.

There were Newbies this morning.  Fuck yeah they showed up.  Larry (friend of Larry Anderson), and Alex (roommate of Malcolm and Lydia) were super cool, super hard workers, and super new.  We will see them again.

If you weren’t there, you definitely MISSED OUT. FOMO your ass all the way through your great day and don’t do it again. #JustShowUp

I declare a stadium shoveling social Tuesday evening. 6:30-8pm, come when you can & bring a shovel.  #FreeFitness and fierce community. Tell your friends!

snow beard

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