Muddy Monday and the Footrace

Boston’s 382-year-old colorful history covers everything from the Tea Party, Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride, all the way to rise of American Industrial Revolution, the first World Series, and the of course the birth of November Project. But one thing that brings tens of thousands of runners, hundred thousand volunteers and over a million spectators each year is a little 26.2-mile foot race called the Boston Marathon. We at NP like to set goals in our training, and few of our tribe members decided to put big red X on April 15, 2013 as something that they’re training for. Neil Cronin, Chris Marshall, Lauren Goodman, Patrick Burke, Ian Nurse, Marsha Whitman, Mary McGinty, Lisa Mara, Chad Verry, Philip Camp, Dan Barteletti, Kreg Pearless, Kay Miller, Zach “the Banner” Flechtner, Brian “Smooth” Axelrod, are only few of our tribesmen and tribesladies that will be representing NP on the course stretching from Hopkinton, MA to Boylston Street. If we missed anyone, it’s not on purpose, so let us know in the comments as we want to give proper shout out to all our marathoners.

For all you non-NP people if you’re looking to pick out tribe members from the crowd, just look for those famous #GrassrootsGear pieces of clothing. If you can’t read, just look for people passing everyone when shit hits the fan at Heart Break Hill – those badass mother fuckers passing everyone are OUR PEOPLE.

Speaking of our people, mile 18 will be the loudest, fittest, funniest, best looking, water station on the entire course as 50+ members of this tribe will be there to pass out refreshments and support the runners. Special thanks to Tania DeLuzuriaga for taking initiative and organizing this group. We’re anxiously awaiting amazing facebook/twitter/instagram photos that will be taken by the mile 18.

To all of you that came out this morning to roll in the mud, dance to techno jams, and give out hugs to German Carl we say FUCK YEAH! Such an awesome way to start off the week.

Wednesday is #PackDay.

Friday we’re back in the Hills of Ye Olde Town of Brookline.

Spring is here?

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3 Replies to “Muddy Monday and the Footrace”

  1. Hey guys,
    It was a great, yet exhausting, start for the week. Neither did I expect nor did I ever have a work out like the one this morning with all of you and I would like to thank you for that. Thank you for offering me a pet next week, but I don’t think that would be a good idea, you guys convinced me and I will be there anyway, so you don’t bother buying a cat. 😉
    My concerns go out to everyone from NP who participated in Boston Marathon or at a hydration station. I hope no one of you or your families and friends got hurt.
    Take care,

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