Mr Sun (YWG)

Hey Mr Sun, what the hell dude? We even sang you the song! Oh well, all is forgiven, but you better not disappoint me again next week. We have a party to throw and it’s going to be huge. Like 200+ people huge. Sound good? Thanks man, let’s hug it out.
Wisconsin Notes:
-summer workouts are getting hard, still modifiable for all levels, and still the most fun you’ll have all week
-200 on June 8th. It’s our birthday, and you are invited. Bring everyone you’ve ever met
-Leilani is badass

Oh boy, I think if the rain hadn’t been there to cool us off we may have all dropped. This morning was a grind, it was partly planned, partly ad-libbed and completely an assault on our legs and lungs.

Derek and I decided while sharing a few dozen beers that the summer was a time for pushing ourselves. We will bring the same amazing energy, the same fitness for all approach but we will also be sure that when we leave the workouts at 7:15, our shirts will be drenched and we will need at least a few hours (days) to recover.

For those of you who are new to us, we will make sure every exercise is modifiable, no one will be left behind, and you will be cheered on for doing 1 pushup, 10 pushups or 100.
All of this is to say that next week, over 200 Winnipeggers will join together for a few stranger hugs, a wild workout and a celebration of a community that has been going strong for 104 straight weeks.

Next week is the time to come, it is the time to call that friend who has been saying, “oh em gee, I like love what you are doing, but I like hate mornings, do they ever workout in the evenings?”

The answer is no Becky, but we do mornings, so there’s that! See you at 6:15.

Recruit everyone, set your alarms now, steal your friend’s phone and set their alarm, call your kids, call your wife, call your husband ’cause we bringing everyone out here.

Final note, Leilani embodies all that we hope for at NP. She is a fierce competitor who also happens to be really fast. She is a strong hugger, even though she is tiny. She is a welcoming and friendly person who just so happened to help our newest tribe member find a new home after moving to town recently. She actively recruits people while sitting at board room tables and she believes in what we have created here in Winnipeg. The Positivity Award was a long time coming. Congratulations!IMG_1421

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