Mr.Birdman On Ice & Abe Lincoln w/ FROSTBITE

This post is going to be a simple one. It will be written in a way that will keep you, the reader, hungry for more… here come the facts:

TODAY we had our first visit to the Harvard Stadium in what felt like months. Snow has kept us running, looping, and even snow dashing over the last few WEDNESDAY mornings.

The folks from Boston Magazine came out to shoot photos of both your #GrassrootsGear and your power-bootys. There was some ice and our sections were cut a bit short but all and all it was a good amount of volume and intensity shared by all.

As we were taking our “Mr. Birdman” photo, the racers out in the “608” were looking up Bascom Hill ready to spend some cash. The proud “@Nov_Project_MSN” group jumped from 6 to 10 members with even colder conditions than last week. Their scores are below the WISCONSIN NOTES.

FRIDAY: The tribe in Boston will rise & Shine to take on Summit Ave.

SUNDAY: Many racers are taking part in the Hyannis Half & Full Marathon. Good luck to all of you. With your #weatherproof, early morning training, you should be good to go.

MONDAY: Meet on the center of the Harvard Bridge (Mass Ave Bridge) on the side closest to downtown Boston no later than 6:29AM. If you need a map… here it is… and you’re a bonehead.

EASTER SUNDAY: #EasterHashHunt is going to be open to all Boston area racers who are interested in the 4’ish and 9’ish mile options. Theme: Bunny ears & pastels. 11AM, Sunday, March 31st. Save the matha’fuckin’ date.

10 huge smiles at November Project 608 (Madison, WI)
7 degrees today at the start of the workout
4 rookies/newbies in the mix.
1 fast workout done to beat the cold
Bojan and BG had some much fun this am that they forgot to whip out the signup sheets

Teams Times
Jeff Lowe* + Haley Erikson* 0:22:45 (world record!)
Sarah Lindstrom + Molly Mehldal 0:31:15
Emily Keepman* + Kate Austin 0:25:57
Steven Fons + Leigh Vierstra* 0:28:10
Paige Hopper + DG 0:31:01

* indicates a newbie.
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