MotorBoat Relay

4 racers per team.  4 transition zones. 4 laps.  2 miles. Dozens of fierce racers.  1 common goal: #behappy.


And all post a 20… wait, 25 minute workout of sprints, partner pushups, hoistees, and Bojans.  Between the early morning hugs, murderous whispers, dirty hands and knees, and erie fog cover, I’d say we had an alright morning!  But man are we a strange bunch.  Who else stands shoulder to shoulder in a cluster of friends and strangers (aka future friends), murderously staring down a stranger, only to burst out in laughter seconds later?  Who else gets fit by crawling under a partner’s sweaty downward dog?  Who else gains energy and excitement through whispering together?  Who else does made up exercises requiring you to shout the made up name of said exercise mid hop?  Can you name another group of adults who take pride in wearing a bright yellow cape in ordinary public settings (aside from the folks hanging around Gramens Chinese Theater in Hollywood)?  Who else hugs complete strangers at 6:29AM without hesitation?



Let’s face it, not matter how strange, weird, or ridiculous NPSD workouts might get, we all still keep showing up.  We are unique in the best way possible.  We all need a little “abnormal” in our lives.  Life without a touch of peculiar is pretty boring.  So embrace the uncomfortable, adopt the unusual, and look forward to those creepy murder-eyed whispering hugs!



#behappy #bestrong #bebright #bestrange

#MayhemMondays – Next week: Our last Monday at Motorboat Pond! (aka Model Yacht Pond)                                                      March Location: Hill St. (Sunset Cliffs)

Wednesday: Bea Evenson Fountain, Balboa Park per usual!



Dance like no one is watching… or like everyone is watching, and you just don’t give a damn!















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