Morning Wood (NYC)

Today’s #DestinationDeck took us to the Lower East Side, more specifically, Corlears Hook.  Yes, the Tribe goes everywhere. One tidbit about Corlears Hook that I learned from a fellow Triber was that the term “Hookers,” came from this area.  Apparently there were a high volume of “ladies of the night” that spent their time at The Hook back in the 1800’s. Yes, the Tribe knows history. The Tribe educates.

OK, back to work.  The Tribe goes HARD.  We crushed and ate the amphitheater for breakfast.  Some even did it in a onesie. 30 Mins of 10 burpees, 10 mountain climbers, and 5 sections of wood steps. We went up the wood and down the stairs–hence the mature title of this blog post.  I’ll take credit for the title of this blog if it’s funny. If not, the idea was all Evan.


Sam, crushing it! #weekearned


Next Workout: Wednesday @ Gracie Mansion at 5:28am and 6:28am. Bring someone who you’ve never spoken to. Yeah, it might be weird. Tribe is weird. Make it happen.



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