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530 Squad is ice cold

A flyer came across my desk this morning that was dated 2016.  That’s where this post begins and ends, because I nearly shat my pantaloons.  I had no idea what year it was.  Maybe I’m serious, maybe I’m joking, but I’m definitely probably mostly serious.  There have been a lot of changes going on if you’ve stopped to take notice.

  • Cybex, Spandex, and corporate gym stock have simultaneously skyrocketed since the market opened Jan. 1.  Buy before people drop their resolutions!
  • It’s still cold outside.  We know.  Matthew, Molly, and I will continue to #justshowup because this train doesn’t stop.  That’s accountability.  We’re here for you because you’re here for us.  Without you, there is no us – there is no #NP5280.  Keep showing up and keep bringing your friends because, like Richard Marx in 1989, we’ll be right here waiting for you. [youtube][/youtube]  We need YOU ALL to be our cheerleaders and show the rest of Denver how infectious this beautiful thing is.  By doing that, we can be a true force of positivity in our community.
  • Hashtag update: You might’ve seen #talk30tome floating around the Google machine.  That’s because November Project is now in 30 FUCKING CITIES!!  We added tribes in Iceland, Serbia, Miami, and Victoria, BC.  Find them on a map, follow them on social media.  The #Worldtakeover is really real.
  • BUSINESS: Sign into the tracker at least once.  ONCE.  Gracias.
  • BIDNESS TIME…again: Write to us on Facebook.  There are a lot of you and there simply isn’t enough quality time to get to know each of you as an individual.  If’ you’re open to sharing, tell us why you love NP, why you keep coming back, or just about your pet turtle, Phyllis.
  • 2016 is going to be a BIG year for #NP5280.  More social events because if we just wanted to work out together we’d pay for CrossFit.  And a HUGE announcement on Wednesday, so bring ya friends, bring ya wife, bring ya husband, too.  Shit’s gonna get weird!

WED: Capitol Stairs 530/615

Go make someone’s day better

Major Woody630 Crew

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