Mondays Rule, Sleeping Rules Less (DCA)

Things we had none of this morning:




Things we had plenty of this morning:

Sweaty hugs.




If you didn’t check the weather between last week and today, you may have been worried that Joaquin was coming for us and decided to stay in bed. For those of you that did check the weather, saw that it would be a perfect topping for your #HillsForBreakfast, and decided to #JustShowUp, mad props for starting your morning with the BEST thing possible.

For the rest of you that saw the clear weather and decided to get that extra little bit of sleep that most likely made you sleepier than if you had kick started your day with us…I could go on but I’ll say it simply. Stop making excuses. If you don’t want to show up for you, show up for us. We either miss your smile (because you’ve show up before and have mysteriously disappeared) or we don’t even know your smile yet and WE WANT TO (because you’re just hearing about this or on the fence still about showing up).

It’s simple. But it’s a hell of a lot easier if you have someone, anyone (look up from your computer/phone: THAT PERSON) holding you accountable. So we’ll see you WEDNESDAY.

TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY coming up on OCT. 23rd. Stay tuned for celebratory plans.

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