Killers. The November Project KILLERS? Not that we need one but what would our mascot be if we had one? On one hand I think it truly could be something warm and fuzzy and community based like a Mr. Rodgers… but then I look around the salt/snow covered patches of ground that hosted this morning’s #DestinationDeck and I think more along the line of KILLERS, Assassins, and maybe even The Dread Pirate Roberts. The temp this morning was pretty cold for a run… not to mention a DECK… and then the third and final portion… the other RUN!?!? Those who were with us this morning got the scoop on our first spring race and got their hands on the first batch of #RecruitingPapers. Here is what the rest of your week at November Project will look like:

WEDNESDAY: Meet at the entrance of Harvard Stadium (Gate M) and we’ll breakdown the workout. For those of you who had your husband Andy watch the kids so that you could come out and play with us in the snow like last week, you may want to dress for anything. Harvard steps may be clear or they will be covered in 3 feet of snow, we’ll just have to wait and see. If the steps ARE sketchy we will take it to the field, track, river and get work in another way. Remember, you make terrible decisions in the morning when your alarm clock is going off. “How’s the weather?” or “I wonder if the steps are clear?” and “I’ll just run later today,” are just a few of our favorite piles of nothing that get you back into bed and away from the faces that love seeing you. Decide now to rise & shine and we promise you’ll thank us for it later! Also, you should wear your coolest shit (#GrassrootsGear) because Boston Magazine is going to be there shooting for an article that will hype you, NP, and our upcoming #EasterHashHunt, but we’ll get to that in a second.

FRIDAY: Back on Summit Ave for some FULL HILLS. How many? Well you’ll have to come and join us to find out. Just know that there will be small teams and tons of interactions. “But what are we training for?” many of you may find yourself asking. Well, some of us are working up to next weekend’s huge race in Hyannis while others are looking to the Boston Marathon. As a group we should be looking at the same Sunday in March… one that will break ground the way the #BostonNinjaRace did. Our November Project spring race is finally here!

#EasterHashHunt by November Project will take place on Easter Sunday, March 31st at 11AM. The hunt format will give racers two distinct routes that they can follow (4-5 miles, 8-10 miles). Being a Sunday, we’ve already gotten the OK from FJ and the Brunch Runners crew to have a race/social open to all NP’ers, Brunch’ers, and those who still live on the outside. This FREE event will meet outside the Park Street MBTA station just before 11AM. All runners will be asked to wear the appropriate racing gear (rabbit or bunny ears & pastel colored clothing). Like the #BostonNinjaRace, all racers should be prepared to make history while being “respectfully disruptive.” Full details will be coming soon. Consider this your “save the date” for the spring race. Not around? Begin to tell the many people around you about what we’re up to. This is going to be a great intro to how wild, crazy, and hardcore the November Project can be.

Stay weatherproof, stay in motion, & recruit more racers. Have a great week.

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  1. well if anyone is interested I am starting my hill training this friday hoping to get between 15 and 20 in starting at 4 so if you want to join before we high 5 fuck ya at the top then just join in…

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