Kickoff kicked off with a Boston Common circuit, piano tunes, plank-off challenge, and Emerson Lions who came out to show off their school spirit. To all our Emerson newbies, we hope that this is not the only time we’ll be seeing you. This Wednesday we’re at Harvard stadium eating some stairs for breakfast and we hope you’ll be there too.

Special thanks to our friend Diana that suggested adding street piano into our #DestinationDeck repertoire and Erin and Stephanie from Celebrity Series that allowed us to unlock piano that early in the morning and serenade the tribe. Celebrity Series is putting together a lot of great musical events all over Boston and you guys should check them out.

Our last plank of the circuit turned into a plank-off – a challenge to see who’s going to be the last tribesman/tribeslady planking. We had to stop the challenge at 10 minute mark with about a dozen people still standing since we didn’t want to spend rest of our day in Boston Common. What we learned from this experience is that plank-off challenge will not be repeated AND that tribe can plank.

Don’t forget about #deckaday challenge that starts tomorrow morning. Happy Monday!

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