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Have you ever considered the moments in your day that seem to have a really big influence on the quality of your day? Ever thought about what you have done on days when you are feeling great- what made it that way? Ever feel that when you start your day with great news, a great cup of coffee, a phone call with a friend, changes your outlook and attitude for the rest of the day? Co-founder of November Project, Brogan Graham talks about “Moments” on Creative Mornings. It’s definitely worth a listen

Doing something positive in the first hour of your day can be so impactful with how you go about the rest of your day. When you have positive input first thing in the morning, it has a way of lasting with subsequent interactions. That’s why November Project is so much more than a workout. Yes you get to move your body early and finish your workout by 7am. This part is awesome. But showing up and surrounding yourself with positive energy, people who lift you up, who encourage you, who check in on your week, who talk to you about how glad they are that you are here… it’s almost hard to leave feeling anything but good. (Your body may hurt, but it’s temporary!). Sometimes we can get caught up in how much snow got dumped on us last night in the middle of March, on how stressful the week has been, or the regular “what do you do” question is asked in regular social settings. None of those things are bad questions or bad things to say. It’s important to share thoughts with others. However, starting your day with more moments of the former, finding the good and leaving us feeling uplifted, can carry through. We can then bring that attitude home with us to our partners, our kids, our friends, our co-workers. We may start to become aware of sharing the great morning connections instead of the weather, or getting some nice fresh air first thing, instead of getting sucked in to negative media coverage. It does something to you to take time for you and for others and do something a little bit badass, it does something to you, the feeling that you can take on any challenge that comes your way that day. If we begin a few more days with moments finding the good, and are actively aware of what we are sharing with others, it is so impactful.

Check out the video- add some positive input to your evening tonight! Thank you for sharing your time, your green creativity, your energy and your morning with us. We are glad you’re here. Spread the love through your day and your week.


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