Moisty Hoistees (DCA)

For a perfect midafternoon snack, continue to read below. Brought to you by the Manzur himself:

6568F07E-56BA-4C6F-95B9-386C919B2E32We are a community that shares sweaty hugs, smiles and even co-leader duties. Today I tackled #DannyOfTheDay. We also cross pollinate workouts and blog post layouts from across the NP17 network. Here are today’s WISCONSIN NOTES:

Picked up while visiting #NP5280, we had our first go at Hoistee Layouts ™.

When done in the dewy morning grass they are 73% harder and referred to as Mosity Hoistees.

Take every opportunity to say that out loud.

Clothing was muddied and smiles were abundant.

There’s a skatepark under the Southeast Freeway. Practice your parkour moves for next time.

Garfield Park_18

No matter how much of his actual clothing is worn, there can only be one true Danny Metcalf.

Keep showing up. Keep smiling. #weekendearned

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