MissMOsa’ed (DCA)

The title of this post is Brazilian (yes, I know they speak Portuguese) for #WeMissedYou. Why Brazilian? Let’s delve deeper.


Picture this: You spend all summer enriching the lives of young children similar to the one you used to be (pictured above). Making a better future for the next generation. Educating the young minds of tomorrow. Work ends and you have 12 days off. So you relax a little. Enjoy the lovely weather we’ve had in DC for this time of year. Maybe even go to a ball game. Then join your friends for some brunch the next morning. Here we go. Mimosas, baby! Keep them coming! Just so tasty with that champagne and OJ mixed together in smooth goodness. Going to the workout tomorrow morning? Hell yeah! Why not? It’s not like you have work tomorrow. Might as well wake up and start the day off with 150 of your closest friends.

6:30AM, Monday morning. Where are you? We all showed up and wanted to hang and you didn’t? I didn’t check the bromometer this morning but on a scale of Bro to Brobie-wan-kanobi, that’s a total not-Bro move. Not following? Me either. Basically what I’m trying to say is that not showing up hurts worse than that time Brazil got creamed by Germany. We love you, Danny Mo. We Missed you Danny Mo.

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