Miri, Malaysia

November Project Malaysia

Miri is a coastal city located in the Northeastern part of Sarawak. Sarawak and Sabah both on Borneo Island are referred to as East Malaysia. Miri is also the gateway to many of the state’s national parks, most famous of which is the Mulu Nation Park which is a UNESCO World Heritage site. We are full of cultural diversity as we have 19 of the 27 Sarawak indigenous tribes, along with Malays, Chinese and expats who have now made this their home.

The best part about Miri besides being a multicultural city is our close proximity to the rain forest and the beach. A few hours drive and you have lush green forest and highlands around you or a short drive gets you to the ocean to enjoy BBQs with a beautiful sunset. Miri is also the birthplace of Malaysian Petroleum and it is home to the first Oil well in Malaysia nicknamed The Grand Old Lady situated atop Canada Hill. We also boast a pretty good nightlife with pubs and bars with long happy hours. If those are still not enough reasons to pop in for a visit, we are also now home to the first November Project city in Malaysia. So jump on a Malaysia Airlines or Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia’s capital) and they will get you here in just over 2 hours. One of our co-leaders (Ing) will also show you some of the finer spas and resorts to pamper you after a good Wednesday morning workout.

#JustShowUp to the top of Taman Bumiko Hill right outside the Laku station.

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