Mind, Blown. (SD)

You’re never gonna believe it. You won’t. I’m still trying to wrap my head around it. Did you know that the Nintendo Corporation was created BEFORE the fall of the Ottoman Empire? Or, what about the fact that if your car could drive straight up, it would only take an hour to get to space! Speaking of space, did you know that from the time it was named a planet, to the time it’s planet status was revoked, Pluto didn’t even complete one circle around the Sun…poor little guy. Well, we poured a few out for Pluto today. The Final Hump and it’s 5 laps around our proverbial sun was truly an inspiring event. This community gets bigger and stronger every week.

To continue with the mystifying factoids (because really, who can process full-on facts by Wednesday) – the ENTIRE tribe finished today in under 28 minutes. That’s not just a PR for each of you, its a TRIBAL PR…consider my mind BLOWN. Sorry bossman, can’t work today, the events of this morning have stumped me into a stupor of awe, and I don’t wanna get out of it because you all so freakin awesome. Speaking of awesome (all about the segways today) a huge thank you to our Lululemon ladies for generously ensuring that we are not only the brightest, but most stylish tribe out there! You all rock!

So go! Go my sweaty, smiling and ridiculously well dressed tribe! Go Be Happy! Go Be Strong! and of course, BE BRIGHT SD!

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