Message Delivered

This morning the humidity was low but the morale was high.  A cloud-dotted sky was brightly overtaken by a shining July sunrise as the 6 O’ lock hour approached.  The pitter-patter of athletic shoes of all sizes could be heard if you listened closely. The tribe was making their way to the Mill. As the clock struck 6:27am, the tribe formed a close circle. Tribe leader Ben Bauch bellowed from the middle of the pack for the newbies to jump into the center.  Among these newbies was #NP_DC’s very own Dustin Renwick, a name that each and every November Project tribe will get to know throughout this summer and fall. Renwick has plans to complete a cross-country/Canada trip including stops in all NP cities. Badass.


Ben led the tribe in an interesting warm-up that transformed tribe members into cannonballs, explosions and eggs all while bouncing up and down. With a short jog around the block and a jaunt up Gold Metal Park’s hill (aka cinnabon hill), the tribe arrived at the workout destination.


The workout this morning you ask? The Messenger. This workout is simple in concept but tough in reality. You just run up the hill and back down again..every minute on the minute for 30 minutes. So that’s 30 hill reps. 30 hill reps where you race and shit-talk your neighbors. To spice things up and bit and show our appreciation for the USA women’s win on Sunday night, a soccer ball was thrown into the mix. Tribe leader Holly started with the ball and then passed it off to the tribe, where it was kept in play throughout the 30 minutes of hill reps. Whenever a tribe member was passed (by hand, not by foot) the ball, they would have to do 5 box jumps on the benches on top of the hill and then pass it off to another tribe member.


See? It sounds easy.

The tribe conquered this beast and then posed like the beautiful, whimsical creatures they are.  F*ck yeah, way to go guys. Stu says you’re awesome.



FRIDAYS: 6:27am, UMN Boathouse:

The summit is coming up faster than you know. Don’t forget to figure your stuff out. Check out the link for details:

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