Mensah Genius (We Missed You, DCA)

SMART: Joining November Project for hugs, fitness, high fives, positivity, and good, old-fashioned human interaction.

NOT SMART: Dropping a verbal for a workout to a positivity award winner and thinking you can get away with it.

There’s a guy I know at NPDC. He joined us in the depths of the winter. So I naturally assumed he was pretty hardcore. Not everyone currently attending workouts and awesome races had the cohones to come out in 8 degree temps. To add to the wonder, he’s tall, dark, and likes to think he’s handsome. That view has now been tainted. There’s no anger, no sadness or depression. We’re not even peeved. Just DISAPPOINTED.


Maybe World Cup fever took a bad turn to real fever. Or maybe he just plain overslept. Maybe he partied too hard. Being a bro can be tough. The thing is, we don’t want excuses. We want you to JUST SHOW UP. Set more alarms. Have a friend call you. I’m sure that JD mind of yours can think of something. If hugs from friends and a great workout aren’t motivating enough, I don’t know that I can help you. You fell off the wagon. We get it. It happens. But we also have faith that you’ll get back on the horse wagon (I seem to be mixing metaphors here). Whatever happens, we’ll see you back soon, right?


Much love my dude. But take my advice. Don’t verbal and miss. We missed you Nate.

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