Just the tip, just for 22 minutes.  Working out on the tip of Manhattan in Battery Park is an eye opening experience.  The views of New York Harbor are breathtaking.  In the distance you can see the majestic beast that is the Statue of Liberty.  That is one bad-ass lady.  Survived hurricanes, blizzards, countless other shit storms.  She is #WEATHERPROOF


This morning, was not one of those days.  I believe it was one of our friends in town from DC that said it best: “Hey remember earlier this week when we were complaining about how hot it was?” Yea, I think a lot of people were caught off guard in the cool shade of the Lower Manhattan.  But by god did it feel great and the energy could have warmed up the entire city.  22 minutes on the clock.  Rocket jumps, step ups, dips, and a little spice from a causal fan with some box jump burpees.  BOX JUMP BURPEES? “I think they have gone fucking mad in NYC!”  Again, this was from one of our casual #traverbalers from the small tribe in Boston Mass.  They have a small group of people at their workouts, so if you have friends/family/dads that live there shoot them over to the workouts.  Boston, DC, San Fransisco all had some form of vacationer, bystander, traveler, workaholic coming through to get a little taste of the NYC vibe.  There was a dude there that may even write a book about me.  Nah, that’s not ready for the public to take on yet.  Need some more time before they can handle a day in the life over here.


Earn your weekend, Escape the noise, Enjoy your holiday.

WEDNESDAY: Bridge Day, FootBridge to Randall’s Island.  5:28/6:28 a.m.  #GrassrootsGear day (ONE ITEM ONLY/ONLY BLACK PAINT).
And yes, we are making news on Wednesday.  HYPE IT UP.

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