McCloskey Returns, No One Notices

I kid, I kid. You guys sure know how to welcome a girl home. This morning was my first day back at NPSF and was thrilled to see the boys didn’t burn the house down while I was away. On the contrary, O’Clayton did an absolutely amazing job keeping the ship afloat while I was off “finding myself” in Europe. And to answer all your questions: Yes, I did swim across the Atlantic with my running shoes on and No, that shirt still smells like fucking daisies.

Now that that has been settled, I would like to point out a few observations I made of this new and improved tribe.

1) The newbies are getting more and more attractive every week. I would like to start a “good looking” contest with the other tribes and claim victory every week. Because I am superficial.

2) Paddy is speaking slower than ever to try and accommodate our American ears. Soon enough he is going to sound like a malfunctioning robot. We appreciate your effort to annunciate, Paddy, but are still trying to figure out what anti-clockwise is.

3) Have you hugged Mitch Westwood recently? You won’t have any oxygen left in your lungs, but you will feel this overwhelming sense of wanting more. I believe thats the description of ‘the perfect hug.’

4) Clayton’s either getting taller, or his shorts are getting shorter. Either way, I’m into it.

5) Natalie and Cody are married now. Is it too soon to ask for an NP baby? #Babyhype

FRIDAY HILLS: Ocean Beach Cliff House, 6:25 AM. Followed by relay races on the beach. Need a ride? Carpool link here.

SATURDAY ALTA PLAZA PARK CLEAN UP: 10 AM-1PM. Please come help us lend a hand to the locals and clean up the park we use every week. Even if you can only come for a short time, please make the effort to show up and show your support!!

Stay Salty, San Francisco



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