Mayoral Candidates and The remains of Light City- Baltimore

Wisconsin Notes ( What we call it when we’re kind of tight on time and need to get up a blog. Maybe we’re tight on time because of work or maybe we’re tight on time because Mr. Tastee is now serving up sweet treats in the neighborhood.)

  1. November Project now has a book. You should check it out…maybe order yourself a copy. It’s kind of dope. Not as dope as our workouts or the people at them, but should you ever be stranded in some godforsaken city where November Project hasn’t yet blossomed, it’s a reasonable substitute.
  2. Mr. Dave Warnock was at our workout this morning. In case you didn’t know, Dave is running for Mayor. It also just so happens that Mr. Warnock eats stairs like they count towards the election. Anyway, if you didn’t get to meet him this morning, hunt him down, tweet at him, ask good questions, read his platform…challenge him to 7 minutes of burpees (AKA: 1 SEBASTIAN!). IMG_8094
  3. It got a little chilly this morning and some of our numbers dwindled.  In particular, 5:30 was just the hardest of the core. Listen guys, if you’re going to wrap yourself back in your superman fleecy every time the thermometer drops below 35 it may be time to reevaluate how weatherproof you are. Weather happens and if it’s something you let dictate your day to day routine, it’s going to just do that. So go ahead, unwrap yourself, quit asking your co-workers when they think spring is going to get here ( no matter how many times you ask they still won’t know and still only kind of think you’re funny), and take on the weather.  People in the world and in our tribe are battling through way harder stuff than chilly temps. Great, see you next wed.
  4. Hey MATAN, Welcome back!
  5. The girl pictured below won this week’s positivity award. Her name is Anna and i’m really stoked to be able to call her a friend and i’m even more stoked to have been able to give her this award today. All of our positivity award winners exemplify some wonderful trait and i’m privileged to know all of you, past, present and future. But for a second i’m going to talk about Anna. Anna works hard. Really, really hard. Anna is a reminder  that NP isn’t always easy, that progress takes time and that fast is all relative…hard work, however, is not. Anna is funny and goofy and a joy to be around, but what has always impressed me about her is her willingness to be uncomfortable.  It’s her desire to actively pursue goals, get her shit kicked in along the way, get back up and keep on moving. The first time Anna came to NP I was 90% sure she was never going to come back. Months later i’m here hoping she never leaves. Get to know her, follow her. And if you have goals and you really want something, just shut up and go get it.


As always, Take Big Bites Out of Life,



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