#MayhemMonday: Week 1 – Loring Street (SD)

If the goal of #MayhemMonday was to get you out of your comfort zone, then I think we have accomplished that.

Loring Street is no joke. And the 70ish of you that showed up in all black everything, murder whisper mode, game face on today were no joke either. You guys straight up owned that hill, impressing both the fancy neighbors and each other.

Comfort zones are an interesting thing. They feel so good, so warm, so cozy. Yet all they do is inhibit your growth, your potential. By pushing your limits, getting out of that zone, getting out of your own head, and challenging your limits you experience the pride and satisfaction that comes along with knowing that you are so much stronger than you thought.

I’m proud of each and every one of you. Not a single one of you quit, even when it got tough (and I know it did).

So yes, #MayhemMonday will get you out of your comfort zone. It will also get you to explore hidden, magical corners of San Diego with hills, scenery, unicorns, and views that you didn’t know existed. But don’t take my word for it, #justshowup. #FOMO is real. And you don’t want it.



– WE HAVE A NEW WEDNESDAY LOCATION! We will be meeting at the fountain between the Natural History Museum and the Fleet Science Museum in Balboa Park. Please note the yellow star location on the map. The red outlined parking lot opens at 6AM for parking. Do not be late on Wednesdays (or Mondays, for that matter) as we won’t be staying at that location for the workout!













– The next installment of ninja style #MayhemMonday goes down in exactly one week at the Juan Street hill in Old Town. Exact location via map will hit the interwebs Wednesday after the workout.

– The days of silly useless blogs will return soon. I know, this heavy important shit is getting old. 

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