Maybe we were a bit premature with the “Noah’s Ark” theme back in August…? (BAL)

Sooooo, it rained a bit today. Aaaaand it was dark (come on Daylight Savings!). Aaaaaand it was cold. Most people only need ONE of those three as an excuse to not get out of bed and put their muscles through a bit of anaerobic respiration.

Notice that I said most people?

Here at November Project, we do things a little differently. We don’t like to make excuses; if we start making excuses in one area of our lives, what’s stopping those excuses from infiltrating every other aspect of our lives?

First, it starts off with “ugh it’s cold and rainy, I guess I can skip today’s workout and go to the gym later” and before you know it you’ll be saying “ugh it’s cold and rainy, I guess I can skip my wedding today.” Note: November Project does not encourage any of you to skip your future wedding!

One of today’s newbies, Jeff, summed up his own fitness journey and it perfectly describes what we’re all about here at November Project. Jeff, a self-described “aspiring runner,” said to me, “if I start using the rain as an excuse, then nothing is going to stop me from making excuses all the time and I’ll be right back where I started.” Wise words Jeff. Wise words indeed. You can stick around.

Major props to all of you crazies who looked at the rain like it was nothing but an adorable puppy nibbling on your fingers. You squatted, lunged, hoistied (including a world-record four-man hoistie, verified by the Guinness Book of World Records. I know a guy.), sprinted, and fire-drill-planked your way through the workout with smiles, hugs, and high-fives between every set. Ducks fly together, right?

And a happy birthday to this hug-obsessed woman, Leslie!
And a happy birthday to this hug-obsessed woman, Leslie!

NOVEMBER 5TH is Yearbook Photo Day and our biggest push to #3014. Come celebrate — along with your friends, roommates, coworkers, relatives, pets, and maybe even Jose Bautista, our newest Twitter follower — November Project’s THIRD birthday and bring your best birthday-themed costume. If you or anyone you know have been trying to find the right day to come check us out, THIS. IS. THE. DAY!


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