May the cards be ever in your favor (DEN)

Seriously! Can you believe that view? Who knew that the mountains were so beautiful even with the city in front of them? Who knew that there were places to workout outside east of the capitol building? Who knew that this little town at the feet of the mountains was so fantastic? I sure did! Just don’t tell people… it’s crowded enough… wink wink…

You know what isn’t too crowded? Our little, not so little, super weird, completely normal, not strange at all family. That’s right! As so many of you have seen and felt, our workouts are better when it’s crowded. It’s better when you get to bump into people, and talk to a bunch of different people, and INTERACT with people while you get strong, sexy, fast, and fierce. Because what’s better than a high 5? How about 100 high 5’s! What’s better than getting a kick ass workout? How about a fucking bomb workout sandwiched between 100 hugs! What’s better than workout out by yourself or even with just a couple people? How about inviting ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS so that everyone can make stronger bodies and stronger relationships! That’s what makes this shit so good. That’s what makes it worth getting up so early. It’s gaining a new, deeper appreciation for our city and the people in it. That’s why it’s better when it’s crowded. So you should invite literally everyone you know because we can never be too crowded, and everyone should have a family like this. Just make sure that they already live here… remember, Denver is already waaaay overpopulated… wink wink…

Speaking of telling all of your friends! Our Denver Rock and Roll Marathon giveaway has started! Don’t remember how it works? It’s simple! Bring your friends, bring your family, and bring that cute neighbor that you’ve been too scared to talk to for the last month and a half. Seriously, this is the perfect excuse. Who knows, you two might hit it off. Just don’t leave the tribe once you start dating! None of that crap! Bring live human beings, and gain points towards winning a marathon or half marathon entry. Get them to keep coming back for even more points! Do it. Stop thinking about it, and just do it.

Have a beautiful weekend, and go leave someone better than you found them!


WED: 5:30/6:15A Capitol Building Steps

5:30 yo!
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