May the 4th be with you.

“Stairs, we will crush. Burpees, we will do.” And that’s all I remember from Biggie Shaws’ super nerdy and super clever bounce this morning. It. Was. Awesome. Newbies be like, “Whaaaat the…?” Fact: the recruiting efforts of the 5:28am crew aint nothin’ to f*ck with. I audibly said, “oh sh*t” as Mary’s posse rounded the corner onto the north landing. Her quadruplet brothers and friends could not have been nicer. Brother Ted even did a double. So the numbers at 5:28am out did 6:15am again, today—but who really cares. We are growing the tribe and Shaw’s gettin’ some ink. And I’m going to miss you fools. More on that later.

The tribe ran #UpAndOvers, peppered with walking lunges and everyones favorite bodyweight exercises as a means of transportation (burpee broad jumps). At the north and south landings, the tribe squared off for some good ol’ fashion rock, paper, scissor bouts. The winner did leg throw downs and the loser did pushups. It went down somethin’ like this.

Announcements: It’s MINI weekend!

  1. Group photo on the south steps of the Indiana Statehouse. That’s on Washington Street, across from the Simon building and Patachou.
  2. NP_IND Cheer Station will be at mile 8.8, which is after you exit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. We will be the neon clad, screaming, dancing yahoos on the north (left) side of 16th street, just before you turn on to Olin. Come get a power boost! If you wanna help cheer, contact me or Colleen, aka Mayor Merkel.
  3. Make sure you hit up the BlueMile tent after the race for some free grub. Thanks, Mary and Ed!
  4. My bonvoyage party is Saturday at 1pm at Speedway Indoor Karting. Vroom vroom, b*tches! We will go to Daredevil Brewery after we race the karts.



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